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Terms of Service


Formalising a purchase and paying for goods
The sales prices for all products displayed in the e-shop are presented with and net of value added tax (20%). Companies from other EU Member States can make purchases net of VAT, if the company is registered there as a person liable to value added tax. After entering your company’s information correctly during the order, the programme will automatically verify that the entered information is correct. If the data is correct, an invoice will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided.
You have an excellent opportunity to select a suitable tyre for your vehicle from the e-shop and to add it to your basket.
Confirmation of your order, along with the invoice and delivery date, will be sent to you at the e-mail address entered in your contact information.
The invoice can be paid via bank transfer. Once payment has been received in the account of Urmas Rehvid OÜ, we will dispatch the ordered tyres, via the Schenker courier service, to the address you provided within the territory of the Republic of Estonia. In Finland, to the address Telitie 1, Tuusula 04300. Delivery to a different address upon agreement.


Time of delivery
The time of delivery for products displayed in the e-shop is 1-5 days within Estonia. During peak periods, delivery may take longer.
Tyres will be delivered by the courier service authorised by Urmas Rehvid OÜ, to the address provided by the customer.
Cost of transport when ordering tyres for a passenger car, SUV or truck within the territory of the Republic of Estonia:

  • EUR 6.00

Delivery time to Finland for products displayed in the e-shop is 7-10 days.
Cost of transport when ordering passenger car, SUV or truck tyres to Finland, is:

  • 1 tyre, EUR 12 each

Cost of transport when ordering a truck tyre to Finland:

  • 1 tyre, EUR 15 each
  • 10 or more tires, transport EUR 12 each


Tyre change (passenger car) at J.Käisi 5, in Põlva, Tel 799-5028, Mob. +372 56 98 1210 Tiia, (truck) at Vasara 46a, in Tartu, Tel. +372 55 60 44 22 Margus, and (passenger car and truck) at Tuusula, Telitie 1, in Finland +358-5043-06500 Reijo or +372-5562-1114 Urmas.
Specific tyre change time and price will be agreed upon beforehand with
You can pay for the tyre change along with the invoice for the purchased tyres.


Tyre warranty
All products sold by Urmas Rehvid OÜ come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Goods ordered by the customer are protected during transport from the Urmas Rehvid OÜ warehouse until they are delivered to the customer. Urmas Rehvid OÜ and its logistics partner shall be liable. Urmas Rehvid OÜ ensures the replacement of tyres or compensation of the cost of goods, no matter the case, if it is related to the loss or destruction of the shipment from the moment of dispatch until the delivery of the goods to the address provided by the customer.

  • The manufacturer’s warranty, mediated by Urmas Rehvid OÜ, covers product material as well as defects arising from production (manufacturing process).
  • The warranty does not cover the following damage to tyres and incidents resulting from misuse:
    • tyres, which continue to be used after having reached the tread wear limit;
    • tyre damage, which was caused by road conditions;
    • tyre damage, which has resulted due to an accident, fire, etc.;
    • damage, which has resulted from the incorrect use of the tyres (incorrect tyre pressure, incorrect alignment, unbalanced wheels, broken shock absorbers, overloaded car, use of chains, studding of tyres, racing, off-road, etc.);
    • repaired and reconditioned tyres;
    • damage deliberately inflicted on tyres;
    • natural tyre wear.
  • The warranty against defects is issued by Urmas Rehvid OÜ, at the address J.Käisi 5, Põlva, 63307 Estonia.
  • The basis for submitting a warranty claim is the copy of the purchase invoice sent by the warranty applicant, along with a description of the fault and the applicant's contact information, to Urmas Rehvid OÜ’s e-mail:
  • After the warranty application has been submitted, we will contact the warranty applicant within 2-3 working days, in order to specify the organisation of the transport of the product to the representative of Urmas Rehvid OÜ.
  • An expert analysis will be performed on the defective product. If the performed expert analysis reveals a defect in the material or manufacturing process, then the tyre shall either be repaired, replaced with a new tyre, or monetary compensation shall be paid. Urmas Rehvid OÜ shall mediate the repair, exchange of or compensation for goods between the manufacturer and the customer.
  • If you disagree with the results of the expert analysis carried out by Urmas Rehvid OÜ, the problem product shall be directed to an independent expert analysis. If the independent expert analysis confirms the results of the analysis conducted by Urmas Rehvid OÜ, the cost of the expert analysis shall be covered by the warranty applicant. In this case, the time of the expert analysis is usually a maximum of 3 months.
  • In the event of the exclusion of the warranty, Urmas Rehvid OÜ shall have the right to submit an invoice to the customer for the following expenses:
    • the cost of transporting the defective good to Urmas Rehvid OÜ and back to the warranty applicant;
    • cost of the independent expert analysis and the related transport costs.
  • Urmas Rehvid OÜ undertakes to compensate the costs related to the repair or replacement of the product during the term of validity of the warranty against defects.

In addition to the rights arising from the warranty against defects, customers of Urmas Rehvid OÜ are free to utilise rights arising from other valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, Urmas Rehvid OÜ assumes liability for any defects which have appeared in the product within a period of two years as of the date of transfer of the product to the customer.


Right to return the goods for a period of 14 days
The customer (private person) has the right to return goods purchased from the e-shop of, i.e. to withdraw from the contract concluded via the web based environment, within 14 days as of the date on which the goods have been supplied or delivered to the customer.
Upon returning the goods, the customer shall bear the expenses related to the returning of the goods, except in cases where the delivered good is not that which was ordered.
If the item ordered by the customer is not that which was ordered or displayed in the e-shop of, we will exchange the goods for the correct product or allow the customer to exchange the ordered product for a new product of equal value.
Please note! Goods returned by the customer to Urmas Rehvid OÜ must be unused (tyres may not have been driven on; also, tyres may not have been mounted on or removed from rims).
The fee for tyre disposal is paid to MTÜ Rehviringlus.



Customer information, which has become known as a result of purchases made from the Urmas Rehvid OÜ website, shall be treated as confidential information. Urmas Rehvid OÜ shall not disclose the personal data of customers to third parties.
Intellectual property rights:
Trade marks, text, pictures, photos, banners and their applications used on the website of Urmas Rehvid OÜ are protected by copyright and other relevant legislation. The contents of the Urmas Rehvid OÜ homepage may not be copied, distributed, changed or made available to third parties. Third parties shall not be granted the right on the website of Urmas Rehvid OÜ to use intellectual property belonging to us or to third parties.

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